Is Age really a factor for social media manager ?

Few days back there is storm in social media which effects people working in it. No there is no new social network launched neither as such news of merger nor Google banned any social network, it is with one blog post only. A blog post which have over 7000 facebook like, over 1200 tweets and 603 other shares and over 500 comments. The blog post says that Why every social media manager should be under 25 ? by Cathryn Sloane, a student of Iowa university and B.A in English.

What she wants to say in short words and which is as per my understanding is that “the age group under 25 is learned to use social media socially and natural manner – before using it for any business or personal growth. Older people cant say that they have much more experience than younger ones as social media is new born. The experience younger age group has is much more vast and able to help more to the business in compare to them who learn the social media because they have learn it to survive in market and in profession.

Her post divided the industry in two age groups, people blown out, some of them praise her and many of them oppose her. But the post ignite the common point which is “does age really a factor for social media manager ?” Her post required a clarification from the top editors of Nextgen Journal and received a counter attacked response by Mark story as Dear NextGen: A Rebuttal From the Social Media Old Folks.

As per my view In US and Europe, where people are more teach savvy, more open minded to learn new things from scratch and working with latest trends, age is not the deciding or not be that much key performance measurement tool in role of social media manager. But in India it should be some what more important then those countries. People are more rigid, working with same traditions since years and social media interaction between the same older age group are less in compare to other western countries.

When geographic location change it will change how you do the business which includes change in so many things like how you engage with your customers and how you handle your banding on social media ? therefor the job profile of social media is in demanding the change too.

But age is as my view not at all barrier for any person to become a social media star if he has a passion and have a qualities like early adoption of technology and gadgets, love for people and effective communication, can think strategically with out of box creativity, able to mash up his personal and professional life on social media, reads and digest so many things at a time and most important and success determined factor is the capabilities to identify and choosing of channel for his social media efforts.

So do you really think Age plays more vital role than any other factor when you are managing social media profile ?

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