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Half Backed Indian e-Commerce Customer

half backed cake

Before you dive into this post i must clarify that I am SEO guy and working in this field since last 7 years plus  I am running my own e-commerce store since last 2 years.

The second stage when Indian ecommerce start to grow, there is a lot more awareness about it. They know where the customer are and they start hitting them. They  got heavy funds so the bigger Indian ecommerce  players have lots of money to spend on other medium of advertising , which includes TV, newspaper and other media.


Starting e-commerce business.. Its a chakravyuh..

Imagine you are in internet marketing business, help others (read more than 50 companies) to achieve the best customers through their site with a great (fabulous) ROI and  a cool set of search engine rankings which delivers them 100s of visitors. Plus to add more sprinkles on this by imagine that you are specially working in retail online business (read clothing, toys and fashion) in US and UK market and saw the tides of e-commerce business is coming to India. You saw the rise of flipkart and thinking that you have chance to start up a successful e-business business by reading a daily dose of popping up articles related to growth of e-commerce businesses in india by enormous sites. You just thought that you find the niche which has a great potential of indian market and now what you need is couple of manufacturer or stockist who are ready to stock for you and set of good people who deliver the product to customer. thats it and you are done .. just start the business..yes and here you go.

Yes its my story. I am able to convince my two other partners that we are now ready to go with e-commerce business as we found our niche (kurtis).. and we found the supplier which are ready to take and manage the stock for us. (wow its great). So what we think, we have to do is only

  1. negotiate the terms and conditions with stockist
  2. buy a domain
  3. choose which cms we are going to use
  4. designing a website
  5. configure the products
  6. buy payment gateway
  7. delivery setup aka courier services
  8. provide a support to customer
  9. and market it on various online platforms.