Clients and Customers

Running two business simultaneously has their pros and cons.

And I am running two different business, with different class of  people. Let me put a light,

Client : Needs a services, Customer : Needs a product.

Client : Needs a result,  Customer : Needs an experience.

Client : I give him what he needs not he want, Customer : I will try to give him what he want.

Client : I charge him after giving my services, Customer : He pay before they get products.


Half Backed Indian e-Commerce Customer

Before you dive into this post i must clarify that I am SEO guy and working in this field since last 7 years plus  I am running my own e-commerce store since last 2 years.

The second stage when Indian ecommerce start to grow, there is a lot more awareness about it. They know where the customer are and they start hitting them. They  got heavy funds so the bigger Indian ecommerce  players have lots of money to spend on other medium of advertising , which includes TV, newspaper and other media.

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Never left the thing at which you are good..

The moment i started to working on some new projects, which are not basically related to my core field which is digital marketing i suppose to loose interest in them after few weeks. here i am talking about the projects where my skills of digital marketing not going to get sharpen or the projects which are highly time consuming.

I have a habit of reading my google reader (right now i am using feedly) daily for approx 1 hr, when i get a time and by doing that i kept my self soaked in the current trends of my field, as soon as i am not able to find the time to read that i am feeling to have disconnected from my base.